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At the Central Hospital, on Gábor Áron street,  free physiotherapy treatments are possible. The well equipped physiotherapy center is available for all patients. All you need is just the medical advice letter, and medical insurance with that you can get 4 procedure, without paymants. The treatments are carried by highly specialized and experienced professionals.

The center services: laser therapy, ultrasound, interference, magneto-therapy diaflux, Diadinamic, (galvanic current).

More information:                                      

                                  Tel: 0267-340530

The mineral water springs PDF Print E-mail

Covasna is also known as the town of mineral water springs because of its riches of curative cold mineral waters. Fizzy mineral water is used as much for drinking as for taking bath. The curing effect is enhanced by the use of carbon dioxide as a dry bath, where CO2 acts as a vasodilator, invigorates peripheral blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and some say that it works as a natural aphrodisiac as well.
In the center of the town Covasna there are 4 mineral water springs: the Elvira, the Kati, one at the back of the school, and a fourth in the riverbed of the Covasna creek.
The Elvira spring, named after Gozin Elvira, a local benefactress, is in the central park. The pine tree-like cover hides two springs: one that is suitable for everyday use with a light taste and considerable iron in content is recommended for chronic colitis, bile and urine problems; and an other that is called the Drunkard’s well. The latter got its name due to the high bicarbonate and mineral salt content that reduces hyperacidity and replenishes minerals after a heavy night.
The Kati spring can be found in front of the Hotel Hefaistos. The water here has a pleasant flavor and is drunk not only by locals but by people of nearby villages as well. The spring has a fizzy bicarbonate feature with a touch of salt. It is recommended for the treatment of chronic colitis and bile problems.

The spring behind the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor School contains bicarbonate of soda, chloride and sodium and has a fizzy character. It is recommended for treating nervous illness, chronic circulation disorders and high blood pressure.

The fourth spring is in the riverbed of the Covasna creek in front of the hotel with the same name. The intermittent upsurge of water is ferruginous, fizzy, and has a mild sulphurous trait.

Against stress PDF Print E-mail

In the Mofettas of Covasna, small quantity of naturally radon gas can be found next to the carbon dioxide, wich has good benefits in increasing cell metabolism, in the production of free radical scavenging, improve the immunitary sistem functions. Due to the effect of carbon dioxide the subcutaneous blood flow is improved, which helps the body's detoxification process. Therefore,  the treatment is particularly good complement to the various cures, slimming, cellulite treatments. Sauna, massage, jacuzzi, mountain air, the regulary exercises may be used to relieve stress as well.

What is the mofetta? PDF Print E-mail

The mofetta is a repercussion of volcanic activity, an uprush of mostly carbon dioxide from the depth of the earth that has been used for healing purposes.
The word "mofetta" is derived from the Latin expression "mephitis", meaning stinky exhalation. Being heavier than air CO2 accumulates in pits and thus can be used for "bathing" (standing with normal clothing in the pit). Mofettas can be found also in some parts of France, in Italy in Java (Indonesia) and Yellowstone National Park(USA). In Covasna County mofettas are a common phenomenon, their exhalations having long been used to cure diseases of the circulatory system.

On of the best-known mofetta is the Smelly Cave of Turia, so named because of the strong prickly smell of sulphur, present in it.

In Covasna the rising gas is accumulated in indoor chambers (cellars sometime) and one can use a kind of scaffolding to stand on the right height. In local mofettas the concentration of the carbon dioxide is over 90% and gases also contain a small quantity of  radon (Ra++). For hundreds of years this mixture has been used for treating cardio-vascular diseases and gynecological problems. The treatment has also a beneficial effect on the skin and the nervous system. The invigorating effect of the gas enhances athletic performance.

You will find some private establishments in the town center - the Bardócz and Bene  moffetes - that are preserved in their original style.

The Cardiology Hospital and mofetta PDF Print E-mail

The Covasna Cardiology Hospital is unique in Romania, with a reputation for expertise in cardiology and in the assistance of cardiovascular recovery; it renders this service to the entire country. In 2010 the hospital celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its existence and was named after its founder Dr. Benedek Géza Heart Hospital.

It operates one of the world's largest built mofetta that can accommodate up to one hundred people at a time.


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