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On the Miske Hill, 5 km away from the town centre of Covasna are the ruins of the Fairy's Castle. These gave rise to many legends. There is no reliable information about the origin or inhabitants of the castle, but according to popular beliefs there was once a fairy called Ilona who lived in the castle and hid an immense treasure in its vaults. The secret entrance was permanently guarded by a vigilant cockerel which only fell asleep once in every seven years. By the time the bird was asleep one might open the doors and run away with the diamonds stored there. The legends also have it that the Fairy Castle was connected with Balvanyos Castle by a golden bridge. It is probable that this ''golden bridge'' symbolized the mineral water sources which are so numerous in this area. The legends and the story end maintaining that, when Fairy Ilona left it, the castle began to crumble. Nowadays there are only ruins on the place of the castle. But the walk up the hill to these remains is well worth it for the view of the beautiful landscape which surrounds it.