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Covasna is also known as the town of mineral water springs because of its riches of curative cold mineral waters. Fizzy mineral water is used as much for drinking as for taking bath. The curing effect is enhanced by the use of carbon dioxide as a dry bath, where CO2 acts as a vasodilator, invigorates peripheral blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and some say that it works as a natural aphrodisiac as well.
In the center of the town Covasna there are 4 mineral water springs: the Elvira, the Kati, one at the back of the school, and a fourth in the riverbed of the Covasna creek.
The Elvira spring, named after Gozin Elvira, a local benefactress, is in the central park. The pine tree-like cover hides two springs: one that is suitable for everyday use with a light taste and considerable iron in content is recommended for chronic colitis, bile and urine problems; and an other that is called the Drunkard’s well. The latter got its name due to the high bicarbonate and mineral salt content that reduces hyperacidity and replenishes minerals after a heavy night.
The Kati spring can be found in front of the Hotel Hefaistos. The water here has a pleasant flavor and is drunk not only by locals but by people of nearby villages as well. The spring has a fizzy bicarbonate feature with a touch of salt. It is recommended for the treatment of chronic colitis and bile problems.

The spring behind the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor School contains bicarbonate of soda, chloride and sodium and has a fizzy character. It is recommended for treating nervous illness, chronic circulation disorders and high blood pressure.

The fourth spring is in the riverbed of the Covasna creek in front of the hotel with the same name. The intermittent upsurge of water is ferruginous, fizzy, and has a mild sulphurous trait.